Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

In August of 2014, Sensory Fuse started out as a pipe dream born of the frustration with the lack of quality sex positive content online, and over the following year transformed from a blog to the beginning of a multimedia company with great ambition.

I am so grateful to the community of talented writers who became a part of Sensory Fuse, and to others who helped us grow with their expertise, insight and encouragement. Most of the adult industry puts profit before pleasure, and we are eternally grateful to have discovered so many people who were willing to put pleasure first.

Within our first year, we accomplished so much! From growing our team of contributors to producing our first video and expanding from a blog to a multi-site network, our first year was full of amazing learning experiences, and huge achievements.

You may have noticed, however, that we’ve gone a bit quiet, and that is because we have been planning something huge for the next stage of growth. We reached a point at the end of our first year where where we had to decide between presenting our organization as a profit driven enterprise to investors or taking some time to step back and fortify our position to be able to move forward as a purely pleasure driven company.

As such, we have had to put our efforts towards other matters than recruiting writers, editing articles, and posting and promoting our features. We want to grow beyond the traditional video consumption model and the effort we are spending now will allow us to realize the ideas that we are so excited about, transforming Sensory Fuse into a leader in interactive adult video content.

As a small, bootstrapping company, we’ve had to manage our resources wisely, and we really do hate to go so long without sharing interesting articles and fun videos with you. However, going through this process will allow Sensory Fuse to develop these innovative ideas and provide a strong financial base for the company.

So, we ask for your patience, and promise you that the wait will be worth it!


Thank You!

Naomi Rutledge

Founder & CEO