When was the last time you saw a truly beautiful erotic animation. Never maybe? Naked Love, an award winning film studio, would like to change that. Naked Love, which is based out of Scandinavia, is a co-production of director and animator, Sara Koppel, and composer, Sune “Køter” Kølster.

While Sara Koppel is a prodigious animator in her own right, Naked Love is a newer project and has only released two videos to date:

Naked Love EP11 – “Naked Love Appetizer” from Naked Love by Sara Koppel on Vimeo.

Little Vulvah and Her Clitoral Awareness (currently touring on the festival circuit)

Naked Love is currently setting out to “create the most beautiful erotic animation ever made,” titled We Got Lost on The Other Side of Wilderness.

If you would love to see this completed project as much as we would, you can donate to Naked Love’s kick-starter program here.


Header photo courtesy of nakedlovefilm.com.