Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo are the two fearless filmmakers who make up Purple Milk. Their current project, a web series titled Every Woman, involves traveling across America in a attempt to document some of the more difficult jobs women endure. Their first stop? – A truck stop strip club in Moriarty, New Mexico, heralded in the Ultimate Strip Club List as a place “where strippers go to die.” These ladies are not just leeching off of the less fortunate, they are actually putting themselves in these women’s shoes, or in this case, 5 inch platform stilettos, for a week to really see what it is like. Each beautifully shot episode runs approximately 30 min, and exquisitely portrays how we all cope with the hardships in life, be it through aggression, laughter, or meditation.

To watch the episode in 3 parts see below-